Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus

General information

The Council of Ministers is a collegiate central government agency of the Republic of Belarus, which exercises executive authority in the country in line with the Constitution and runs a system of central government agencies accountable to the Council of Ministers and other state organizations as well as municipal executive authorities.

Main tasks

  • to run a system of government agencies accountable to the Council of Ministers and other executive branch agencies;
  • to develop the main directions of the domestic policy and the foreign policy and to take measures to implement them;
  • to draft the central state budget and forward it to the Head of State for submission to the parliament as well as the report on executing the budget;
  • to ensure the pursuance of a unified economic, financial, credit, and monetary policy, a state policy in the area of science, culture, education, healthcare, ecology, social security, and labor remuneration;
  • to take measures to ensure rights and freedoms of citizens, protect interests of the state, ensure national security and defensive capability, protect property and public order, fight crime;
  • to act on behalf of the owner with regard to property owned by the Republic of Belarus, to organize the management of state-owned property;
  • to ensure the execution of the Constitution, laws, decrees, ordinances, and executive orders of the President;
  • to abrogate regulations of ministries and other central government agencies;
  • to exercise other powers the Council of Ministers is entrusted with in accordance with the Constitution, laws, and enactments of the President.
Government House


11 Sovetskaya Street (Seat of Government), Minsk, 220010

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