Sports hobbies

Sport plays an important role in the life of the President of Belarus. Aleksandr Lukashenko has been fond of sport since childhood. He spends several hours a day exercising.

Aleksandr Lukashenko is convinced that sport is very important for an executive professional. During the visit to the Academy of Public Administration he emphasized:

"If you ignore sport, you will never become a leader. You will be, pardon my French, fat, paunchy and logy. Sport is important for health, because an executive professional needs a good health. What kind of a profession he is if he looks bad? Sport is essential. This is why I do not only do sport myself and teach my children to love sport but also show all the people that it is important to practice sports."

The state does everything for Belarusian athletes to secure victories, for the Belarusian anthem to play and for the Belarusian flag to wave in world arenas. There are ice palaces, stadiums, and multi-purpose sports facilities in many Belarusian cities. Children use them to make their first steps in different sports to become a powerful force under the Belarusian flag in the future.

The President’s instructions to start manufacturing Belarusian sports gear were prompted by these considerations. For instance, instructions were given to revive the Telekhany ski brand, which was once famous from Warsaw all the way to Vladivostok. So that every school student, every beginner athlete, or a father teaching his son how to ski could speed up and easily race on skis of Belarusian make.