On the President’s Radar

Commitment. This is a crucial quality for a person in a position of power, the leader of any country. Aleksandr Lukashenko has been demonstrating it since early days of his presidency. When there is an issue, he always tries to get to the bottom of things, make a decision, and help.

Besides, all issues are always handled in front of cameras. Journalists also keep an eye on the progress in the implementation of the President’s instructions. This is what the project On the President’s Radar of the National State Television and Radio Company Belteleradiocompany is all about.


Every important topic is in the center of attention. When there is a need to repair a dilapidated bridge people cannot do without, modernize wood processing, pulp and paper production, and other industries, develop the manufacturing sector, healthcare, education, preserve cultural traditions, Aleksandr Lukashenko gets involved. The President visits enterprises in person, participates in all discussions, looks into every detail.

Belarusian healthcare is another vivid and important example. In the early 1990s, the country lacked modern equipment, enough medications, hospital beds, and tools for life-critical surgeries. Following the President’s instructions, national applied science centers were opened, state-of-the-art equipment was purchased (part of it was made in Belarus). Now even foreign nationals come to Belarus for most complex organ transplant surgeries.

Since the very beginning of Belarus’ independence, in the mid-1990s, the President has been doing his best to build a strong agro-industrial complex. Back then, the agricultural industry was struggling to make both ends meet. Hundreds of the President’s trips, instructions, and attention to every detail helped make a difference. Today the Belarusian agro-industrial complex boasts cutting-edge dairy farms, growing harvests and crops which have never been cultivated on the Belarusian soil before. And most importantly the country earns a lot of foreign currency by exporting farm produce.

Thousands of instructions are on the President’s radar every year. Aleksandr Lukashenko always monitors the fulfillment of the most important and far-reaching instructions himself. He will knock on every door, visit enterprises without any warning to see the picture as it is. He will drive “a super harvester”, taste chocolate at a local confectionery, or test new secure communications devices. He wears suits made from local worsted fabrics and Belarusian-made footwear.