Hospitable Belarus

Belarus is a country with an ancient history and rich traditions, beautiful nature and amazing architecture, industrial giants and well-developed agriculture, unique cuisine and hospitable people. Every year the country becomes more tourist-friendly. Over 11 million people visit Belarus every year.

Belarus is located in the center of Europe at the intersection of many international routes. The territory of the country spans 207,600km2. Belarus is known for its hospitality and cordiality. The country threw the door wide open for tourists as it launched the visa-free travel program.

The visa-free travel program is meant for tourists from 73 countries who arrive in Belarus through Minsk National Airport. It makes visiting the country as simple and easy as possible.

This decision was taken by the Head of State. It was formalized by Decree No. 8 of the President of the Republic of Belarus of 9 January 2017. The document allowed visiting Belarus without visa for five days. 

This approach proved effective, and on 27 July 2018 the President amended the decree to extend the stay of foreign nationals visiting Belarus via Minsk National Airport to 30 days. Citizens of 73 countries are now eligible for visa-free treatment.

Visa-free zone. Full size

There were two separate visa-free zones – one in Brest Oblast (Brest tourist and recreation zone) and the other one in Grodno Oblast (Augustow Canal park).

On 10 November 2019 they were merged into one zone, the Brest-Grodno visa-free zone, following President’s Decree No. 300 of 7 August 2019 “On visa-free entry and departure of foreign nationals.”

The period of visa-free travel to the zone for tourist purposes is up to 15 days for citizens of 73 countries. This rule applies to both solo travelers and organized groups.

Foreign visitors can now travel without visas throughout Brest Oblast and Grodno Oblast provided they travel as part of organized tourist groups of five people or more.