There are a lot of informal events in the presidential schedule. Aleksandr Lukashenko takes part in subbotniks, often meets with young people. The ball of graduates, the President's New Year party for children and the New Year Eve's Ball in the Palace of Independence are the beautiful traditions of sovereign Belarus.
Belarusians continue holding subbotniks, a great Soviet tradition of voluntary unpaid work days, to make their home, their land a better place to live.

Aleksandr Lukashenko could not stand aside and held a wood chopping master class for the participants of the event. He showed how to chop a large log using an axe and a sledgehammer, helped himself to a plate of soldier’s porridge, talked to heads of mass media outlets in an improvised club of editors.

In short, the wood chopping challenge was a huge success and became a good tradition.

The New Year and Christmas season is a special time for the President. This is the time to make a fairy tale come true for those who impatiently wait for it. Our Children charity campaign has been held annually in Belarus since 1995. The campaign culminates ahead of New Year celebrations with the President's New Year party for children in the Palace of the Republic.