Order of Honor

The Order of Honor is awarded to citizens in recognition of:
The Order of Honor
  • great achievements in the manufacturing, scientific, public, socio-cultural, sports and other activities;
  • top performance in the industry, agriculture, construction, communications, trade, housing and communal services, consumer services, transport and other industries;
  • considerable achievements in healthcare, education, upbringing of children and youth, and professional training;
  • high productivity, improvement of the quality of products, reduction of material and labor costs of production;
  • introduction of new equipment, technologies, especially valuable inventions and rationalization proposals;
  • fruitful public and social activities;
  • contribution to the development of economic, scientific and technological, cultural and other ties between the Republic of Belarus and other states.

The Order of Honor is pinned to the left side of the chest, and if there are other orders, it shall follow the Order for Personal Gallantry.

The Order of Francysk Skaryna
Order of Francysk Skaryna
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Order of Mother
Order of the Fatherland
The Order for Promotion of Peace and Friendship
Order for Promotion of Peace and Friendship
The Order of Military Glory
Order of Military Glory
The Order of Labor Glory
Order of Labor Glory