All-Belarus People's Congress

The All-Belarus People's Congress is convened by the President. It has been held every five years since 1996. There have been six All-Belarus People's Congresses to date. The last one was held on 11-12 February 2021.

The All-Belarus People's Congress is a special form of people’s rule, a traditional democratic institution that allows Belarusian citizens to exercise their right for a wider involvement in state administration.

This nationwide forum brings together delegates from every region of the country. Its delegates represent all branches of government, all economic sectors, all fields of science, all levels of education, healthcare and culture. Invitations are also sent to students and veterans, diplomats, representatives of Belarusian diasporas, international organizations and foreign guests.

The All-Belarus People's Congress  takes stock of the country’s social and economic development over the previous five years and reviews key objectives of a new socio-economic development program.