Meeting with Brazilian Ambassador to Belarus Bernard Jorg Leopold de Garcia Klingl

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Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko met with Brazilian Ambassador to Belarus Bernard Jorg Leopold de Garcia Klingl on 10 August.

"If we take a close look at the Belarusian-Brazilian relations, I must say that they can be much better, both in politics and, first of all, in trade and economy. Trade and economic relations are the basis of any relationship. If we have a strong material interest and a certain connection, then both political and diplomatic relations will be built. As an ambassador, you understand this as well as I do. As a result of today's meeting, we need to agree on specific areas of our cooperation that will bring our relations to a higher level," the Belarusian leader said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko said that he had a number of proposals in this regard. "I think that you will convey my proposals to the government, your parliament and, above all, President Lula da Silva. One of my main proposals that I ask you to convey to your President is that we are waiting for him in Belarus. At any convenient time for him. Better in winter. In order for him to see our winter nature. d=During his visit, we could finally determine the roadmap or plan for our relations. I would like to emphasize once again that the Belarusian leadership is extremely interested in this," the President said.

He emphasized the importance of the current meeting for both Belarus and Brazil.

Brazil is traditionally among the top 10 trading partners of Belarus. In 2022, the trade amounted to more than $358 million, with a $150 million surplus for Belarus. In January-June of this year alone, bilateral trade totaled $393.4 million.

The ambassador said that Brazil values relations with Belarus very much.

"It is a great honor for me to have this opportunity to meet and to convey to the President of my country your invitation to visit your country in order to discuss a roadmap for further cooperation," he said.

"Brazil values the relations with Belarus and the work that is being done in your country today. We understand the importance of the region and the delicacy of the situation that has developed in your region," the diplomat continued.

"We also see the confrontation between Russia and Western states," Ambassador Bernard Jorg Leopold de Garcia Klingl. "Brazil is ready to take part in the dialogue. We see you as a person who is not only very well versed in the current situation, but also a person who can take part in this dialogue and contribute to resolving the situation."

The head of the diplomatic mission continued: "The Brazilian President, I am sure, will appreciate your invitation [to visit Belarus]. He knows how important it is today to discuss with you the solution to the situation. We understand what's at stake. We have appointed a special envoy, a minister who takes part in the dialogue on behalf of Brazil.”

Ambassador Bernard Jorg Leopold de Garcia Klingl also remarked: "We hope that the dialogue will take place."

He stressed: "We are confident that a common will, a common desire are required to start the dialogue, and therefore my hope is that my President and you will be able to take an active part in this process."