Aleksandr Lukashenko awards graduates and teachers of higher education institutions

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  • 10:19

Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko bestowed letters of commendation upon graduates and teachers of higher education institutions in a solemn ceremony at the Palace of Independence on 23 June.

“Today is a significant day for you, for the country, and for me as President. Your achievements bring joy and inspire,” the President said opening the ceremony. Congratulating the graduates, the head of state said that they were opening a new chapter in adult life with dignity. Teachers heard words of gratitude for their great work and skills.

“There is a certain symbolism in this ceremony. You are only taking the first step into the profession, and you are already sharing moments of fame on an equal footing with high-level professionals. This means that you are ahead of your time. It is good and I wish you to follow this path. This is a great trust in you and I am sure you will meet all the expectations,” the head of state said.

Each of those receiving the award has become the best in studies, scientific and social activities, sports, and creativity. Relatives, school teachers, university professors can rightly be proud of them. According to the President, graduates, having completed their studies, went through one of the most difficult stages in their lives. “You did well. For your success, I first of all would like to thank those who gave you life, who raised, educated, and taught you, who became an authority and worthy example for you – these are parents, teachers and devoted friends,” the head of state added. “Together with them, with their support, you are confidently moving towards your dreams and achieving your goals. Your future colleagues will soon become the same support for you - specialists with extensive experience, from whom you will continue to learn.” He wished the graduates to treat their children in the same way and bring them to the same level the graduates achieved themselves.

“It is not easy to learn, and even to relearn, because the life will make you do so as well. Do not be disappointed if you see in your new life something absolutely new and different from what you saw during the years of study. This is normal, it has always been like this. Yet your education will remain the foundation, the basis for your future life,” the Belarusian leader added.

Aleksandr Lukashenko said that the graduates were completing their studies and beginning their career in the Year of Peace and Creation. The head of state wished them to have the same future - peaceful and creative.

“Looking at you, determined, ambitious and beautiful young people, I am confident that our native Belarus will become even better and more beautiful. I believe that you will do everything for this,” the head of state stressed. “You are the most important thing in our life, in the life of the older generation. We are always there and will do everything to make you feel our shoulder and care as you gradually achieve what you have planned. It is your time to make the history of our country - your country. May everything work out for you!”

Addressing the teachers, the head of state emphasized: “Without you, who are in this hall, and those who will hear us today, without all your colleagues, including school teachers, there would not have been this awards ceremony, there would not have been this sense of confidence in tomorrow. I have always said and will repeat this again: you are the pillar of our state. May God give you strength, inspiration and, most importantly, health.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko presented letters of commendation to five teachers and 14 graduates of the country's universities.

The five teachers awarded for fruitful scientific and pedagogical activity, a significant personal contribution to the training of highly qualified specialists and the development of the creative abilities of talented youth, are: Head of the Historical and Cultural Heritage Department of the Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts Dmitry Gerasimyonok, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Physical and Mathematical Disciplines and Technical Support for Production and Processing of Livestock Products of the Grodno State Agrarian University Vladislav Zhurko, Head of the Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation Department of the Brest State Technical University Vladimir Novoseltsev, Dean of the Medical Diagnostic Department of the Gomel State Medical University Irina Nazarenko, Head of Textile Materials Technology Department of the Vitebsk State Technological University Dmitry Ryklin.

Among the graduates-awardees are fourth-year cadet of the combined arms faculty of the Military Academy of the Republic of Belarus Mikhail Vezhnovets, fourth-year student of the Information Security Department of the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics Anastasia Kozeka, fourth-year student of the Economics and Law Department of the Baranovichi State University Ilya Klimenkov and fifth-year student of the Pharmaceutical Department of the Vitebsk State Order of Peoples' Friendship Medical University Anna Yefremova.