Meeting to discuss export of Belarusian goods

  • 11
  • 3:00

Belarus managed to overcome negative trends and secure positive export results in monetary terms in 2022. But it is no reason for relaxing since it is necessary to increase export shipments. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko made the statement at a government conference held on 5 January to discuss the export of Belarusian goods.

Aleksandr Lukashenko said: “We are gathered to discuss the export of Belarusian products. We managed to overcome negative trends last year and secure positive export results in monetary terms. Certainly, money is everything but I’d like us to increase export in physical terms, too. In physical terms we sold fewer tractors, automobiles, less potash fertilizers, and oil products than in 2021. Since there was a spike in prices for the goods we offer, we have more or less positive export results. But the fact that we didn’t secure the expected results in terms of pieces and tonnes is an indication that we must not calm down. We have to think about ways to increase export. Export brings hard currency without which the country and the economy cannot live. Moreover, Belarus has an export-oriented economy. We have to sell half of what we make in order to live a decent life.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko remarked that the existing logistics has been disrupted by attempts to choke Belarus with sanctions last year. New logistic routes had to be found. “We will have to discuss these matters, too. At least the fact that you asked me to approach the president of the Russian Federation in order to open ports for us indicates that all the issues have been resolved. A small thing needs to be addressed now: we have to start loading cargoes in these ports. Although we have already started loading in some places. We have to build these ports faster, upgrade them to a certain standard, and trade via our own ports then.”