Greetings to KGB staff

    Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko has extended greetings to the KGB staff on their professional holiday - Day of the State Security Bodies.

    “Your life is forever connected with the fate of the Fatherland. Your duty is to serve your homeland, continuing the glorious traditions of the legendary agency, standing guard over the peace and security of the people of Belarus,” the message of greetings reads. “I thank all those who courageously, selflessly and most effectively respond to the challenges of time, counteracting the latest and most sophisticated technologies aimed at the destruction of states. I thank all those who never wavered in hard times, who remained loyal to the principles and traditions of the special service, who stood up to protect the national interests of Belarus. Eternal memory to the heroes who gave their lives for the future of their native country.”

    The President expressed the warmest words of gratitude to the veterans of the KGB who have set an example of exceptional dedication: “Today, when events around the world make us revisit the lessons of historical memory, we draw on the invaluable experience and knowledge of your generation among others.”

    “I am convinced that by fulfilling the tasks set, the personnel of the state security bodies will continue to act decisively, flawlessly and efficiently, ensuring a safe and secure life for our citizens and guests of Belarus,” the President stressed.

    Congratulating the State Security Committee on its 105th anniversary, Aleksandr Lukashenko wished peace, goodness, health and optimism: “May your victories and new achievements be combined with family wellbeing and personal happiness!