Visit to National Children’s Technopark

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Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko visited the National Children’s Technopark on Knowledge Day, 1 September.

The head of state was greeted at the technopark by its students and immediately got a chance to learn the first-hand information.

The children told the President about the learning process and their opinions of the park. The technopark runs classes on information security and augmented reality. According to the students, these are in-demand and promising areas. The students added that they liked the learning process. They are happy that they have an opportunity to get new knowledge and find new friends.

“You are our future,” Aleksandr Lukashenko told the students.

The President asked Director of the National Children's Technopark Sergei Sachko about any problems related to operation of the educational institution. “Is there anything bad? Do you miss anything?” the head of state asked.

“There is a small issue with equipment but we will definitely solve it,” the director of the technopark replied.

“Did we do everything right when decided on the center? Can it happen that with all the money and efforts invested in these children, they would turn up to be not needed?” Aleksandr Lukashenko asked.

"They are the elite, the future of our country,” Sergei Sachko said. He added that it was even time for the technopark to expand and enrol even more students.

The National Children's Technopark have trained a total of 1,930 students of 9th-11th grades since its opening. The center has hosted 25 educational shifts of 24 days each. The competition for the center is three persons per place on average. The technopark offers training courses in 15 most promising areas in economy, including green chemistry, nanoindustry and nanotechnology, virtual and augmented reality, engineering ecology, and aerospace technologies. The technopark’s academic staff includes leading specialists from universities and promising young scientists.

In the new academic year, the technopark plans to introduce training programs in the areas of scientific research of the Military Academy of Belarus. The most promising projects of students, such as Eco-Packaging and BelBioPak, will be patented. There are also plans to organize interest clubs for children in 5th-8th grades.