Report of President’s Special Envoy Viktor Sheiman

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Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko has received President’s Special Envoy Viktor Sheiman who oversees cooperation with African countries.

“Generals and top officials do not change after retirement. You will stay in charge of cooperation with Africa as President’s special envoy,” the head of state said addressing Viktor Sheiman.

Aleksandr Lukashenko asked about the progress to implement joint projects in Africa, especially in the follow-up of the  President’s recent visit to Zimbabwe. The possibilities of joint work were also discussed at meetings with the leaderships of the UAE, Russia and China. “I would like to know the following thing. After the visit to Zimbabwe, to the UAE, after negotiations with the Russians, we agreed with China on some joint projects in Africa, including in Zimbabwe. What is the status of these joint projects? We promised to help them improve their healthcare system, reduce maternal mortality and child mortality rates. We should really help them. This involves supplies of baby food. They will send a delegation here that will include the wife of the President [of Zimbabwe]. We will hold talks,” said the head of state.

He also asked about progress in the real sector of the economy, cooperation with other African countries. “After this visit, many people turned their attention to us. What is the overall situation in this regard, what are problems if any?” the President asked. “How accurate are these media reports alleging that we have problems with equipment supplies to the African market? I want you to sort things out there, to establish perfect order. Africans should have no doubts that we are conscientious and responsible people, we should not ask for more than it is necessary,” the President said.