Report by Mogilev Oblast Governor Anatoly Isachenko

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  • 9:29

Mogilev Oblast should achieve better results, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said as he heard out a report by Mogilev Oblast Governor Anatoly Isachenko.

The head of state noted that Anatoly Isachenko has been running the region for only six months. Yet, he is not new to the region, he had previously worked there in various roles, and therefore he knows the situation on the ground well. “Given your work here, in the center [before his appointment to Mogilev Oblast, Anatoly Isachenko had been Minsk Oblast Governor and Deputy Chairman of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly], knowing the requirements, approaches, you can give your take on the situation in Mogilev Oblast. However, being able to see a big picture is good, but not enough. Since you are in charge of the region, you should know how to help Mogilev Oblast achieve better results,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

“I have been told that your export is on the growth track and that you do pretty well in investments, which is good to hear. But, let's be frank, everything is benchmarked against last year's performance and this benchmark is not very high. Today industry and agriculture should pick up steam if people of Mogilev Oblast want to live better. There is no other way,” the Belarusian leader stressed.

In this regard, he asked Anatoly Isachenko's opinion on the work of the government: “How would you assess the efforts of the government under the sanctions? What else, in your opinion, needs to be done to be more effective and counter the sanctions?”

First of all, Aleksandr Lukashenko asked about the efforts to address people's major concerns: employment, prices. “How are things going on this front? How is the power vertical performing?” the president asked.

A number of issues were brought up for discussion with the president. Among them are plans to reduce staff numbers at the oblast executive committee at the expense of other divisions, in particular the district executive committees. “My opinion on it remains the same. It would be right for you to seek to reduce the numbers ... I have studied the matter and I believe that we might need to cut personnel numbers in Glusk District, Krasnopolie District. But you want to transfer these people to the oblast executive committee,” the head of state said.

“Not all of them,” Anatoly Isachenko replied.

“It would be perfect if you proposed to reduce staff numbers (not even all of them) because the workload has dropped and not to increase the number of civil servants and officials at a higher level. Anyway, I am ready to consider your proposals. The main thing is that they should be grounded,” Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed.

Another issue was money to buy feed grain. “Again, I am ready to discuss this issue. Perhaps it is relevant for the entire country,” the president said.

The third matter on the agenda was the affiliation of state-run design organizations with organizations of state customers. “The question is interesting, I am ready to discuss it today. But first of all, I would like to know your point of view on how Mogilev Oblast is developing, what it needs, especially what it is lacking right now. You are an experienced person,” Aleksandr Lukashenko concluded.