Report on state of affairs in civil engineering industry

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Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko heard out a report on the state of affairs in the civil engineering industry and wondered how the instruction to simplify the process of construction of various categories of buildings was being fulfilled.

Starting the conversation about problems concerning the civil engineering industry, Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed: “Nobody needs some chit chat about it. I am interested in the first matter: the simplification of the construction process. You and I had an agreement on it. The way we arranged things with regard to single-family housing construction.”

The President reminded that requirements for single-family housing construction had been greatly simplified and Belarusians had appreciated the decision. “If you have a land plot, feel free to build. You build your own house, you bear the responsibility for it and we see that people went to the Emergencies Ministry and to some oversight agencies seeking advice how they can do things better. Just as it should be. People should be able to decide how they should go about building their homes. Those, who build their homes, are 100% people that think. They will decide how they should build things. If necessary, they will ask for our advice and help.”

“As for the remaining houses, construction projects, we have agreed that within one year (you told me by this year) you will settle everything and nobody will be offended by excessive and unnecessary requirements, including heads of enterprises that build new manufacturing facilities, private individuals, civil servants, or those, who intend to build or buy an apartment in an apartment building. We agreed that we will fine-tune these norms, rules, and requirements. Today I’d like to hear whether you have done it or not.”

Performance of the Belarusian civil engineering industry in 2022 was another topic discussed at the conference hosted by the head of state. “Results of the civil engineering industry give no reason for joy, to be honest,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

"There are new long-delayed construction projects in the country," the head of state said. “Some construction projects stand unfinished. Among them are even residential properties. I think there are as many as 22 residential houses, 19 of them in Minsk. It's a disgrace. We promised people that we would commission a facility or a residential house on time but we did not. There are other unfinished facilities. For this, the responsibility will be tough."

At the moment, the situation with long-term construction in the country leaves much to be desired. "We have not sorted things out on this front," the President emphasized. "If that's not the case, you'll tell me."

Aleksandr Lukashenko urged against repeating the situation of some time ago when tough decisions had to be made to address the situation with long-delayed construction projects.

As another important topic, the President outlined the prospects for the development of the construction industry, especially taking into account the plans to provide housing for military personnel, large families and other categories in a matter of priority.

Architecture and Construction Minister Ruslan Parkhamovich said that in 2022 the ministry worked to ensure the stable operation of the country’s civil engineering industry, unconditional fulfillment of housing construction tasks, to diversify markets for selling construction products. The ministry also continued working on improving the legal base relating to civil engineering.

The minister said: “As much as 4.2 million square meters of housing is expected to be commissioned as a result of 2022, which is on par with the target set by the government program for the year 2022. Virtually half of the new housing is single-family housing. To be specific, 45%. As much as 1.3 million m2 of housing was commissioned with state support in 2022, 100,000m2 above the target. The rental housing construction target was exceeded by 60% while the all-electric housing construction target was exceeded by 35%.”