Ceremony to honor graduates of military schools and high-ranking officers

  • 31
  • 11:52

Belarus' security, defense and law enforcement agencies need competent officers who are loyal to the country and its people, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said at a ceremony to honor graduates of military schools and high-ranking officers.

First of all, the head of state congratulated the military on their graduation: “You have completed your studies at a difficult time. Our defense system really needs officers who know their job and, most importantly, who are loyal to the country and our state.”

“The world is changing. So are armies and methods of warfare. Armed forces are getting new high-tech weapons. Intelligence is in demand like never before, which in turn requires not only officers, but also soldiers and sergeants to be extremely knowledgeable. And this trend will only gain momentum. Only you can pass this knowledge on to your subordinates. We have always understood this and made the appropriate conclusions. Therefore, we will continue supporting people in uniform, upgrading the Armed Forces - the main guarantor of sovereignty and independence of Belarus. This policy remains unchanged,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

The President recalled that Belarus' successes in defense capacity building were achieved through a huge effort. “Some 25 years ago there were a lot of speculations about the military profession. Many of you did not even wear shoulder straps at that time. Back then, the so-called liberal press kept raising the question of whether we need an army at all, while Victory Day celebrations and parades were called “exaggerated victorious hysteria” by “advanced” journalists. But everything alien to our people does not take root and leaves. The profession of an officer is honorable and respected today. True values like faith, duty to the nation, serving the Fatherland remain steadfast,” the Belarusian leader said.

According to him, this is especially noticeable in the police where many young people want to work today.

“The recent ideas of the West to shake the country from within, sow chaos and destroy our state did not get ahead with Belarusians,” the head of state said.