Aleksandr Lukashenko inspects crops in presidential experimental fields

  • 2:32

Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko inspected experimental fields in the area where he grew up on 12 July.

The head of state mentioned the intention to visit those presidential experimental fields during a tour of the robotized dairy complex Pavlinka in Orsha District the day before.

A lot of crop varieties grow in the presidential experimental fields: clover, different varieties of wheat, soybeans, lupine, feed peas, spring barley, triticale, and sunflowers. They are the key experiment today.

“Yes, the crops are maturing well,” Aleksandr Lukashenko evaluated the state of the crops.

The head of state remarked that soils are less fertile along the road due to understandable reasons and the crops have been affected by that. But the yield will be much better deeper into the field.

“We cannot use chemicals here because we will ruin clover otherwise,” the president explained. In his words, more attention will be paid to this plant in the future.

Aleksandr Lukashenko reminded that these fields had been used back in the day for experimenting with rapeseed and winter barley. The results demonstrated practical benefits and effectiveness of growing these crops, in particular, financial one.