On the peculiarities of using rental housing

Decree No. 112 of 21 March 2022

Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko signed decree No.112 on peculiarities of usage of rental housing on 21 March. The decree is designed to enable additional conditions for building rental housing and for increasing the effectiveness of rental housing usage.

The decree allows state organizations to use their own money and/or loans to build rental housing, determine terms of rental housing usage on their own in line with local regulatory acts (including collective contracts), and set the rent rates their employees pay for using rental housing. State organizations will keep the rent money and will be able to spend it on building more rental housing, repay rental housing construction loans, and maintain and develop the physical infrastructure the housing stock needs.

The document also allows municipal authorities to exempt citizens from rental fees for municipal rental housing in need of repairs provided repair is done with the tenants’ approval and at their expense.