Ministry of Defense

General information

The Ministry of Defense is a central government agency in charge of pursuing the state policy in the area of defense within its powers. The Defense Ministry also controls the Armed Forces, oversees their preparation for carrying out missions in order to ensure the military security and armed defense of the Republic of Belarus, its sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity.

The Defense Ministry takes care of providing materials and resources for the sake of daily routine and combat operations of the troops (forces), develops concept documents and regulatory acts on building and developing the Armed Forces. The Defense Ministry also works out armament programs.

Main tasks

  • to work out proposals on matters of defense, on shaping the state policy in the area of defense, including the military policy and the Military Doctrine of Belarus, to participate in their implementation;
  • to participate in the improvement of the legal control of activities in the area of defense;
  • to organize interaction and coordination of efforts of government agencies and other organizations in matters of defense;
  • to participate in the organization of the mobilization training of the Belarusian economy;
  • to work out and implement measures to maintain the combat potential, ensure the combat preparedness and mobilization readiness of the Armed Forces and their fighting capacity at a level able to secure strategic deterrence and prevention of military threats at a time of peace and armed defense of the state at a time of war;
  • to participate in the development and implementation of measures aimed at preventing and developing the feeling of patriotism in the society, the understanding of the constitutional obligation to protect the Fatherland in every citizen;
  • to develop the military education system;
  • to oversee the development of military science and R&D work in the interests of the Armed Forces;
  • to ensure social security of military personnel and civilian personnel of the Armed Forces, retired servicemen and their families.
The Ministry of Defense


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