Ministry of Antimonopoly Regulation and Trade

General information

The Ministry of Antimonopoly Regulation and Trade pursues the state policy to counteract monopoly activities and encourage competition. The ministry regulates the operation of natural monopolies, pricing practices, trade, public catering, consumer services, protection of consumer rights, advertising, government procurement of goods and services.

Main tasks

  • to analyze and evaluate the state of commodity markets, to determine the degree of their monopolization;
  • to determine the dominating position of commercial entities;
  • to exercise oversight over economic concentration in line with the law;
  • to use government controls to regulate the operation of natural monopolies in line with laws and regulations on natural monopolies;
  • to ascertain the presence (absence) of antimonopoly legislation violations on the basis of available or acquired documents and (or) information;
  • to develop guidelines on setting and applying prices (tariffs);
  • to regulate prices (tariffs) for the goods and services of legal persons, self-employed businessmen that are subject to price regulations;
  • to issue mandatory resolutions on addressing detected violations in the area of pricing practices, to cancel prices (tariffs) set by commercial entities in violations of the laws and regulations on pricing practices;
  • to ensure the implementation of government programs on developing trade, public catering, and consumer services;
  • to monitor the situation on the domestic consumer market;
  • to create and maintain a trade registry of the Republic of Belarus and a registry of consumer services of the Republic of Belarus;
  • to enforce requirements concerning lab control of products of public catering industry.


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