State Security Committee

General information

The State Security Committee of the Republic of Belarus is a national body of state administration which heads the system of state security agencies and implements, within its terms of reference, the state policy in the field of national security, regulates and manages the work to ensure the security of the individual, the society and the state, coordinates security-related activities of other national bodies of state administration and directly implements state security tasks.

Main tasks

  • to protect independence and territorial integrity of Belarus, maintain the national security of the country in the political, economic, military, scientific, technological, information, social, demographic and environmental fields;
  • to assess the current state of national security of Belarus, forecast its development, draw up and implement a set of measures to prevent and detect threats to national security, submit proposals to the President to ensure the national security of the country;
  • to update the President and on his instruction the relevant government agencies and other organizations on national security issues;
  • to assist government agencies and other organizations in furthering political, social and economic development and scientific and technological progress of Belarus;
  • to conduct counterintelligence and foreign intelligence within its purview;
  • to prevent, detect and suppress terrorist and other extremist activities, organized crime and corruption, illegal migration, trafficking of drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors and analogues, weapons, ammunition, nuclear materials and their components, and other objects of export control, smuggling, and other crimes, the inquiry and preliminary investigation of which fall within its purview;
  • to exercise the powers envisaged in the Belarusian law in the field of state secrets;
  • to provide government agencies and other organizations with means of communication, to ensure within its purview cryptographic, engineering and technical security of the encrypted and other types of special communications in Belarus and in Belarusian organizations located outside the country, and to exercise state control over these activities.


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