State Committee for Standardization

General information

The State Committee for Standardization is a national government authority in charge of technical regulation, standardization, metrology, conformity assessment, energy efficiency, control in construction and efficient use of fuel, electric and heat energy. The structure of the committee includes more than 50 organizations.

Main tasks

  • to improve safety, quality and competitiveness of products (services), ensure efficient use of fuel and energy resources, remove technical barriers to trade, protect interests of the state and consumers;
  • to ensure uniformity of measurements; accreditation; conformity attestation;
  • to coordinate work to draw up technical regulations and governmental standards;
  • to ensure preparation, development and maintenance of technical base of standards of units at the required level, to organize state tests;
  • to coordinate certification of products, works, services, personnel, quality management systems, environmental management systems, occupational health and safety, energy management, food safety, etc.;
  • to ensure efficient use of fuel and energy resources, develop concepts and national programs on energy saving;
  • to exercise state supervision over compliance with technical regulations and standards, measuring instruments, rational use of fuel, electric and thermal energy;
  • to supervise construction and monitor compliance of projects and estimates with norms and standards;
  • to promote international cooperation of Belarus in the above-mentioned areas.


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