State Authority for Military Industry

General information

The State Authority for Military Industry is the central government agency that makes a large contribution to ensuring the national security and the defensive capability of the Republic of Belarus, its innovative and economic development. The agency oversees the creation of modern sophisticated weapons, military and special hardware commissioned by the Belarusian army and exported abroad. The agency also ensures dynamic development of Belarusian defense companies and vigorous military technology cooperation with other countries.

Main tasks

  • to develop and maintain armaments and military and special equipment;
  • to coordinate activities of organizations of the defense industry aimed at satisfying the needs of the Armed Forces (other forces, military units and paramilitary organizations) in armaments and military and special equipment, its repair and modernization;
  • to create conditions for effective economic development of the defense industry, including promotion of export of domestic military products;
  • to promote military-technical cooperation with foreign countries and exercise export control;
  • to license activities related to handling military products;
  • to regulate trade in assault weapons and its ammunition in weapon-manufacturing organizations;
  • to implement the state policy in the sphere of navigation activity.
State Authority for Military Industry


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