Ministry of Labor and Social Protection

General information

The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection is a central government agency that implements policies in the field of labor and occupational safety, employment, social protection and demographic security.

Main tasks

  • development of proposals and implementation of the key activities and priorities of the state policy on promoting employment, payment, working environment and occupational safety, state social insurance and pension provision, demographic security, social partnership, settlement of collective labor disputes, social services and social assistance, alternative services, improvement of socio-economic quality of family life, ensuring equal rights and equal opportunities for men and women, social guarantees to the population;
  • improvement of legislation on labor, employment, and social protection of the population;
  • monitoring compliance with legislation on state social insurance, overseeing the compliance with legislation on labor and occupational safety;
  • implementation of international cooperation in the above-mentioned areas.


Building 2, 23 Pobeditelei Avenue, Minsk, 220004

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