Ministry of Justice

General information

The Ministry of Justice is a central government agency that implements the state justice policy, including state regulation and administration in court archives and proceedings keeping.

Main tasks

  • assistance with legal framework in law-making activities of the President, the National Assembly and the Council of Ministers, guaranteeing coordinated law-making within the Government;
  • carrying out obligatory review of the laws and regulations of the National Bank, the State Control Committee, the Belarus President Administration, the Investigative Committee, the State Forensic Examination Committee, the National Academy of Sciences, ministries, other national government agencies, oblast councils of deputies and the Minsk City Council of Deputies, oblast executive committees and the Minsk City Executive Committee;
  • regulation of notary services and administration of the notariate in the Republic of Belarus, supervision of compliance with the Law on the Notariate in notary's offices, the Notary Chamber of Belarus and its institutional framework;
  • registration of civil status certificates;
  • formal registration of political parties, nationwide trade unions, international and national public associations as well as other organizations;
  • coordination of activities of registration authorities in the field of state registration and liquidation (termination of activities) of businesses and not-for-profit organizations, self-employed businessmen (excluding the registration and liquidation of banks, non-bank credit and financial organizations; insurance companies, agents and associations);
  • keeping the unified state registry of legal entities and self-employed businessmen;
  • keeping the registry of arbitrators and permanent arbitration tribunals;
  • providing material, technical, financial, administrative and professional support to law enforcement agencies as well as respective advanced training for employees;
  • state regulation of the operational management of electronic documents;
  • establishing and developing the system of legal services and mediation;
  • carrying out international activities on behalf of the Republic of Belarus within the scope of its competence.


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