Ministry of Finance

General information

The Ministry of Finance is a central government agency that coordinates financial policy and regulates activities in the financial sector.

Main tasks

  • implementation of a common financial policy, regulation and administration in the financial sector and coordination of activities in this sector of other national governmental authorities;
  • ensuring active use of funds to increase production efficiency and national income, to create and develop progressive market-based forms and structures;
  • effective implementation of fiscal and tax policies;
  • participation in organization of investment cooperation of the Republic of Belarus and management of the external public debt, managing the internal and external public debt of Belarus, raising, utilization and repayment of external public loans that form the country's external public debt;
  • monitoring compliance with the financial interests of the state, including Belarus’ integration into the world economy;
  • state regulation and control in the field of precious metals and precious stones activities, creation of precious metals and precious stones reserves in the Republic of Belarus;
  • implementation of the state policy in the field of insurance activities, exercising state supervision and insurance supervision;
  • implementation of licensing and monitoring compliance with the legislation on the licensed activities;
  • state regulation of accounting and reporting;
  • state regulation of audit activities;
  • state regulation of the securities market, control and supervision of issuing, circulation and redemption of securities, the activities of professional securities market and stock exchanges participants.


7 Sovetskaya Street, Minsk, 220010

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