Ministry of Energy

General information

The Ministry of Energy is a central government agency that coordinates policy in the field of production, supply and distribution of electric power, gas, steam and hot water.

Main tasks

  • implementation of the state policy in the field of power and gas supply for consumers in Belarus;
  • implementation of scientific, technical, economic and social policies aimed at creating conditions for efficient work of organizations to meet the demand of the national economy and the population for electric and thermal energy, natural and liquefied gas, solid fuels, their rational and safe use;
  • taking measures to ensure energy security of Belarus within the established procedure;
  • taking measures within the established procedure to ensure nuclear and radiation safety in the development and operation of the nuclear power sector in Belarus;
  • taking measures to ensure guaranteed connection to the state energy networks of installations for the use of renewable energy sources within the procedure established by law;
  • development and implementation of measures to improve good practices for payment in fuel and energy calculations;
  • development of international cooperation and foreign economic relations within the competence of the Ministry of Energy;
  • implementation of state regulation of production, supply and distribution of electric power, gas, steam and hot water as well as creation of conditions for the development of organizations of all forms of ownership engaged in these types of economic activities.


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