Higher Attestation Commission of the Republic of Belarus

General information

The Higher Attestation Commission is a state regulator in the field of attestation of scientific personnel, including scientific and educational employees of highest qualifications.

Main tasks

  • to ensure the functioning of the national system of attestation of scientific personnel;
  • to coordinate the activities of the central government, scientific organizations, and also institutions of higher and continuing education, with the exception of the centers for training, retraining and professional development of workers, in the field of attestation of scientific personnel, regardless of the subordination of these organizations and institutions;
  • to ensure uniform requirements to scientific, educational qualifications of applicants for academic degrees and titles;
  • to improve training of scientific employees to match the needs of science, manufacturing and social sectors ;
  • to promote wider use of findings of dissertation studies to solve current economic and/or social problems;
  • to develop international cooperation in the attestation of scientific personnel.


66 Nezavisimosti Avenue, Minsk, 220072

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