Belarusian Telegraph Agency BelTA

General information

The Belarusian Telegraph Agency BelTA is Belarus’ largest news agency. For over 100 years, BelTA has been the country’s main source of official information about Belarus and the world.

Main tasks

  • to provide unbiased and professional coverage of activities of the President, the Belarus President Administration, the Council of Ministers, and other government authorities;
  • to produce and distribute news items about political, social, economic and cultural developments, sport, and international relations of Belarus, regional and international events;
  • to publish the 7 Dnei weekly, the Economy of Belarus Magazine quarterly and the social, political and popular science journal Belaruskaya Dumka;
  • to develop, run, promote and optimize websites of government agencies, companies and institutions;
  • to host press conferences, presentations, media briefings, and roundtables in its press center;
  • to produce multimedia projects, video footage, and presentation videos.


26 Kirova Street, Minsk, 220030

Official website: