Bellesbumprom Concern

General information

The Belarusian timber, woodworking, pulp and paper industry concern Bellesbumprom is a state association of state-owned enterprises and other legal persons.

The operation of Bellesbumprom enterprises is subdivided into woodworking, furniture production, and pulp and paper industry.

Main tasks

  • to pursue scientific, technical, economic, and social policy aimed at enabling conditions conducive to the effective operation of Bellesbumprom enterprises, to satisfy the demand of the economy and residents of the country for Bellesbumprom products;
  • to develop output forecasts, financial and economic development forecasts for timber industry, woodworking industry, and pulp and paper industry;
  • to make sure Bellesbumprom enterprises hit the targets specified by annual national social and economic development forecasts;
  • to ensure an increase in the output and sales, to expand the choice of products made by Bellesbumprom enterprises, to improve the quality and the competitive ability of the merchandise;
  • to develop distribution chains of Bellesbumprom enterprises abroad;
  • to raise investments for retooling and modernization of Bellesbumprom enterprises.


16 Karla Marksa Street, Minsk, 220030