Bellegprom Concern

General information

Bellegprom unites enterprises that make and sell light industry goods. The concern comprises 96 organizations, including 76 industrial ones. They are subdivided into textile industry, garment industry, knitting industry, and leather and footwear industry. The concern also includes 16 other organizations and trade enterprises.

Main tasks

  • to pursues a scientific, technical, innovative, economic and social policy aimed at enabling conditions for the effective operation of Bellegprom enterprises, to satisfy needs of Belarusians for consumer goods;
  • to encourage Bellegprom enterprises to export more products by bolstering the competitive ability of these products;
  • to develop concepts, programs, short-term, medium-term, and long-term industry development forecasts, to oversee their implementation, to assign the main social and economic development targets to Bellegprom enterprises;
  • to help Bellegprom enterprises fulfill orders for the delivery of consumer goods on the home market and for the delivery of goods and services for state needs;
  • to adopt measures to find and explore new target markets to sell products made by Bellegprom enterprises, to organize and coordinate efforts to create and operate distribution chains by Bellegprom enterprises according to the established procedure.


16 Klary Tsetkin Street, Minsk, 220004

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