Belgospishcheprom Concern

General information

The Belarusian state food industry concern Belgospishcheprom is the main producer of food products in the country and pursues a unified economic, technical, and technological policy with regard to the country’s food industry, which includes over 20 sub-industries that make hundreds of foods.

Main tasks

  • to pursue a unified economic, technical, and technological policy at food industry enterprises of the Republic of Belarus regardless of their type of ownership;
  • to enable conditions for increasing resources of food and agricultural raw materials, improve the availability of food to residents of Belarus;
  • to encourage food industry enterprises to increase their output in order to satisfy domestic demand and increase export; to work with municipal authorities to form zones to supply agricultural raw materials in order to make the agricultural goods that the food industry can use as raw materials;
  • to improve the effectiveness and competitive ability of merchandise export, to develop overseas distribution chains that help sell products made by Belgospishcheprom enterprises.
Belgospishcheprom Concern


6 Aranskaya Street, Minsk, 220006

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