Grants of the President of the Republic of Belarus in Science, Education, Healthcare, and Culture

In accordance with Decree No.425 of the President of the Republic of Belarus of 13 September 2013, up to 30 grants are awarded in science, education, healthcare, and culture every year to representatives of the above-mentioned sectors as a form of financial support.

Grants are financial stimuli provided on a competitive basis for a term of one year to senior executives and specialists in recognition of a considerable contribution to the development of corresponding industries and participation in scientific research, innovative projects of top-priority importance for Belarus’ social and economic development.

Grants are awarded:

  • in science - for research and innovative projects, design and application in Belarus’ economy and social sector of new equipment, materials, and science-intensive technologies,  which technical parameters are mostly on par with international analogues or exceed them;
  • in education - for experimental projects and research in education, development and application of cutting-edge teaching technologies, school books, study guides, and education methods aimed at detecting and fostering talented children and youth;
  • in healthcare for the development and application of brand-new methods of disease prevention, diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation aimed at improving the quality of and access to medical aid and generating substantial economic and social benefits;
  • in culture - to authors of outstanding works of literature, art, films, museum expositions, revival of folk traditions, rites, ancient creative techniques, preservation of historical and cultural values, implementation of projects to promote Belarusian culture and art in the country and abroad.