Working visit to Mogilev Oblast

  • 17

Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko encouraged local agrarians to develop new sectors. He gave corresponding instructions during the visit to the agricultural enterprise Gazovik-Sipakovo in the agrotown of Dobreika, Mogilev Oblast, on 25 March.

During the visit Aleksandr Lukashenko asked about the specialization of the enterprise and its development prospects.

Director of Gazovik-Sipakovo Vadim Garbina said that the enterprise makes meat and dairy products and wants to expand its activities. Plans have been made to launch the production of rape oil in a year or two. At present Gazovik-Sipakovo grows rape and sells it to other factories.

The President said that Gazovik-Sipakovo is a rather efficient enterprise in comparison with other farms in Mogilev Oblast. However, it is essential to develop new sectors. “There should be something special in every enterprise, old approaches are useless,” the head of state emphasized. “It is important to generate new ideas and create new areas for development.”

He stressed that it is important to offer in-demand products, for example, cowberries and mushrooms if they will sell well. “You should think about serious prospects. Yes, these are northern regions, you cannot grow vine here, import substitution is not an option. But still we import a lot of things,” Aleksandr Lukashenko remarked.

“The level is such that a farmer should till the soil, plant crops, produce fodder, feed cows and then make meat and dairy products. These are elementary things. With this basis it is necessary to think how to use the bottom-land of the Dnieper River, what breeds of sheep to grow there,” the President said. “This is the essence of agriculture, and this was the essence of the conversation in Baranovichi. Traditional approaches should work like a clock by now. Besides, we need new solutions.”

The head of state also asked about salaries at the enterprise. He was informed that last year the average salary made up almost Br900. Besides, a good social package is provided to workers. According to Aleksandr Lukashenko, these are good salaries for a village.

Gazovik-Sipakovo is an affiliated company of Mogilevoblgaz which is partially supporting the farm. However, self-financing is a short-term goal for the farm. The head of state instructed to study the experience when farms are under the patronage of large enterprises. “It will be difficult to improve agriculture without the involvement of the manufacturing sector. It is essential to revise things once again. And please report to me on the way you will choose to go as a result.”

The President was also briefed on the performance of other farms in the region, including Kupalovskoye and Aleksandriyskoye. He stressed that he is not satisfied with the state of affairs in the agricultural industry in Mogilev Oblast and promised to take tough measures. “You have failed in virtually all fields. And the losses are not 0.5-1%,” he said.

At the agricultural enterprise Gazovik-Sipakovo Aleksandr Lukashenko was also informed about the condition of equipment ahead of the spring sowing campaign, terms of storage and maintenance of equipment, talked to farm machinery operators and toured a number of overhaul workshops.