Working trip to Slutsk District

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Declaring 2018 the Year of Native Land will help make Belarus even more beautiful, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko noted as he met with employees of Slutsk Yeast Plant and Slutsk Sugar Plant on 16 February.

The President believes that everyone should make an effort to give back to the place they were born and to make it more beautiful. “It does not matter whether it is a small locality, a street or a yard. You can do something to spruce this place up. Even if a person plants some trees, this will be a good contribution,” the President said.

“This year, everyone should do something to make our country more beautiful,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said. The president noted that there is also a need to develop the unpromising villages but the focus will be made on agro-towns. They have all the conditions necessary for comfortable living of people, including young people. The agro-towns are the key to the future prosperity of rural areas in Belarus.

The President added that once his hometown was spruced up, the situation changed there. Today, a great number of agro-towns provide with good living conditions and good jobs.