Working trip to Brest

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Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko was on a working trip to Brest as the city is celebrating its millennial anniversary.

When on a helipad, Aleksandr Lukashenko asked Brest Oblast Governor Anatoly Lis whether the authorities managed to thoroughly prepare for the anniversary celebrations. The governor assured that all the work was done as planned, many social infrastructure facilities were built, the construction of an important transport interchange -  the Western Bypass Road - was completed.

The president was also briefly updated on the harvesting and sowing effort and the situation in the agricultural sector.

During his working trip, the head of state inspected the work to prepare for the city’s anniversary celebrations and heard out a report on the region’s social and economic development.

After that the president inaugurated the Western Bypass Road in Brest.

The head of state also went to the city center for a solemn event that kicked off the city’s millennial celebrations. Aleksandr Lukashenko also visited the Brest Hero Fortress Memorial.