Workers of various industries officially thanked by Belarus President

    Georgy Malinovsky, Director of the Mogilev State Agricultural and Forestry College named after K.P.Orlovsky, was awarded the letter of thanks in recognition of his many years’ fruitful work in the education system, extraordinary achievements in professional activity.

    The President gave a letter of thanks to Natalia Molostova, judge of the economic court of Minsk Oblast, in recognition of her big personal contribution to the development of economic justice.

    The official letter of thanks of the President of the Republic of Belarus was given to workers of the Minsk electrical company Minskenergo Leonid Bondarenko, Viktor Bovda, Alexander Yurkevich in recognition of their many years’ fruitful work, professional excellence, considerable personal contribution to the construction of energy system facilities.

    President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko signed the relevant executive order on 4 February.