Conferment of state awards and rank insignia

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  • 9:09

Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko presented state awards to representatives of various processions and general’s shoulder boards to high-ranking officers. The ceremony took place at the Palace of Independence on 5 November.

“I always have special feelings when I enter this hall because the state awards ceremony is exceptionally meaningful for me. It testifies to public recognition of your merits – the merits of people who are doing their best to improve everyday life in the country. It demonstrates that professional excellence, hard work and dedication help people make significant achievements in their job and realize their potential in our state,” the President said.

The ceremony has brought together 40 workers of agricultural enterprises and the services sector, educational institutions, scientists, athletes, people serving in the army and law enforcement.

“You are not just successful people. You are builders who are making the present and the future of the country, the future of new generations of Belarusians,” the head of state addressed those present at the ceremony. “Every sensible person knows that only diligent creative work is the source of wellbeing of every family and the state as a whole. Your professional achievements are the vivid example of that.”

The President presented state awards to a big group of agricultural workers. These include directors of leading agricultural enterprises, farm machinery operators, milkers, workers of animal husbandry enterprises. Many of them received the Order of Honor and the Honored Worker of Agriculture titles.

“You know very well that a land flowing with milk and honey exists only in fairy tales. The agricultural industry is an open-air workshop where even the smallest step ahead in harvesting is always the result of work of hundreds of thousands farmers and representatives of other branches of the economy,” Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed. “We are deeply grateful to you and other agrarians who were not afraid of coronavirus, who were not tricked by statemongers and stayed committed to their sacred duty to feed the country and the people.”

The Order of Honor was conferred on director of OAO Khotily-Agro Vyacheslav Krishtafovich, director of the Slutsk bakery Dmitry Chirets and tractor driver of OAO Prinemansky Yuri Vitulya. The Honored Worker of Agriculture titles were bestowed upon director of ZAO Niva Grigory Kovalev and director of OAO Agrokombinat Yubileiny Aleksandr Firsin.

The President also presented state awards to scientists, the military, workers of the services sector, heads of veterans’ associations, coaches and athletes.

In particular, the Order Service to the Homeland 3rd Class was conferred on head of the Transport Maintenance Department of the Defense Ministry Yuri Shaplavsky. The Honored Lawyer title was bestowed upon head of the Criminal Law Chair of the Belarusian State University Igor Gruntov. Head of the Trade and Services Department of the Brest City Hall Yakov Rodak receives the Honored Worker of the Services Sector title. The Honored Specialist of the Armed Forces title was conferred on Administrative Commandant of the Armed Forces for Construction and Billeting Service of the Defense Ministry Sergei Shishov. Senior researcher of the NASB Institute of Environmental Management Vladimir Loginov received the Honored Scientist title.

Besides, coach and instructor of the Olympic Rowing Training Center of the Minsk City Hall Aleksandr Koshkalda received the Honored Coach title. Athlete and instructor of the national modern pentathlon team Olga Silkina received the Honored Master of Sport title.

“Today we also present new shoulder boards to generals who showed how you should serve your Fatherland when it is in danger, how you should protect the interests of the state and the people,” the President said during the ceremony. “True patriotism is not just a combination of words. It relies on efforts to improve people’s living standards and to strengthen our state.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko presented Major General’s shoulder Boards to Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin, KGB Chairman Ivan Tertel and Chairman of the State Border Committee Anatoly Lappo. The head of state also presented shoulder boards of the state councilor of justice 2nd class to Prosecutor General Andrei Shved.

“While presenting the awards and honorary titles, I want to wish you all the best in the run-up to October Revolution Day. I am convinced that together we will manage to overcome difficulties because we are the people and we are in overwhelming majority. We know what to do and will do our best to protect and preserve our Fatherland and the future of our children and grandchildren. I wish you strong health, sheer happiness and every success for the benefit of your families and our Belarus,” the President concluded.