Visit to Transfiguration Church in Baran, Orsha District

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Belarus will be able to overcome emerging difficulties and this year will be the turning point in that regard. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko made the statement as he visited the TransfigurationChurch in the town of Baran, Orsha District, Vitebsk Oblast on 16 April.

“We can do anything. We will be able to handle and overcome the difficulties we’ve just talked about. These difficulties originate from outside the country more often than not. We have no other way out. This year will be the turning point,” the President stated.

Aleksandr Lukashenko thanked the clergy and Metropolitan Pavel for the hard work in the name of the Belarusian people and its neighbors.

In the Orthodox temple on behalf of the largest religious confession in Belarus the head of state suggested sending greetings to Catholic Christians, who also celebrated Easter on that day. “It is truly a great and luminous holiday regardless of attempts to erase it from our history. Even recent attempts that failed because the entire nation has always looked forward to these days with the greatest respect and spiritual vigor,” the President noted.

In turn, Archbishop of Vitebsk and Orsha Dimitry underlined the importance of preserving true values and resorting to faith, particularly in view of the many hardships the world has seen recently. He thanked Aleksandr Lukashenko and the country’s leadership as a whole for efforts to maintain good relations and collaboration between the state and the church, and for preserving peace and accord in Belarus.

The head of state also lit an Easter candle and presented an icon of Jesus Christ the Almighty to the temple. The President received an icon of Alexander Nevsky as a gift.

After the visit to the church Aleksandr Lukashenko had a warm conversation with local residents where he spoke about the development of Orsha District.

“I know well the problems plaguing the region — Bolbasovo, Baran, and Orsha. It is one of the most complicated regions in Belarus as far as the employment situation is concerned. It must not be like that. In the near future the government will take a serious look at the matters concerning the development of the region, particularly these populated localities,” the President said. “In the near future the government will take a serious look at the matters concerning the development of the region, particularly these populated localities.”

“It was one of the most developed districts in the past. Soviet strategic air force units were stationed here. But things didn’t turn out so well. I cannot say we’ve done a lot since then but we’ve tried to keep people busy,” the head of state said.

According to Aleksandr Lukashenko, there are prospects for developing small populated localities in Orsha and the district. The production sector can be developed, investments can be raised, homes and transport infrastructure can be built. “We are going to develop this region. Trust me, within a year or two we will eliminate the bulk of the problems that exist today,” the President stated.

Aleksandr Lukashenko encouraged citizens to be proactive as well. “You have to get accustomed to the fact that people should seek jobs. Not the other way round. This is how things are done in the entire world,” he said.

The head of state explained that attention will be paid to the development of small populated localities, particularly those where good infrastructure is available. If transport infrastructure is improved, the local residents will be able to commute faster to larger cities and work there.

“I’d like to tell you in public that the local administration is very slow. We are going to arrange an onsite government conference here. But the local administration will have to do something by then,” noted the head of state. As an example he mentioned that some installations have been vacant and unused since the Soviet Union collapsed.

“Leaving unattended the good and beautiful places, which are convenient for life, is not a good thing. I cannot say they are in disrepair but things could have been better and people could have jobs here. It is the key issue that worries me. The fact that it is my home area has nothing to do with it. All of Belarus is my home area now. But this place deserves to be developed because of the fitting infrastructure here,” the Belarusian leader stressed.

“Trust me, we know how to do everything. People may not be as active at times and the administration may be slow. I admit it. May you live long and in good health. Trust me, we will resolve all the problems,” the President concluded.