Visit to the special operations unit of the interior troops of the Interior Ministry

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Power-wielding agencies are an important factor of national security, peace and calm in the country, President of the Republic of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko said as he met with high-ranking officers of Belarusian law enforcement agencies, interior forces of the Interior Ministry and students of the Interior Forces Department of the Military Academy on 5 March.

As part of the visit to the military units of the interior troops of the Interior Ministry the head of state listened to the report about the fulfillment of instructions to improve special operations units, raise the efficiency of service and combat missions.

The President was made familiar with the samples of military hardware used in service and combat missions, samples of the uniform of interior troops’ soldiers. He also visited the Interior Forces Department of the Military Academy.

At the meeting with high-ranking officers of law enforcement bodies, interior troops of the Interior Ministry and students of the Interior Forces Department of the Military Academy Aleksandr Lukashenko said that the meeting had not been prompted by any extraordinary circumstances.

“I am routinely going to visit and am visiting various facilities, analyzing the operation of our power-wielding agencies. Some time ago we discussed topical matters concerning the development of the Belarusian army, the tasks that have to be accomplished to reinforce the defense capability of our country in the present complicated geopolitical conditions,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said. “It is also important to ensure law and order as well as social and political stability inside the country. It is important to prevent chaos, an increase in crime rate and any destabilization of the situation,” he added.

“We cannot but take into account the fact that the modern world is rapidly changing. It is getting less and less safer to live in. A number of countries have plunged into the vortex of civil wars and international conflicts. And these phenomena are now in the immediate vicinity of our borders,” the Belarusian leader stated.

Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed that the relevant negative manifestations must not cross over into Belarus. “It is our task before the state, a duty we owe to our families, children, and all the people in need of protection,” he stated.

In his words, the Middle East, North and Central Africa are virtually a war zone. Many European countries have been targeted by terrorist attacks. Various color revolutions are devised to destabilize individual nations and entire regions.

“Today there is hope that on the basis of the Minsk agreements on resolving the Ukrainian crisis the international community will put efforts into stopping the fratricidal war. It is what the Ukrainian nation needs on top of everything else. It is what the European Union, Belarus, and Russia need,” the head of state stressed.

“Fortunately, our country has kept peace and accord. There are no conflicts caused by ethnic or religious discord. In the past the Belarusian nation experienced more than a fair share of the tragedy of the wars that rolled over our country. We don’t want anyone to experience wartime horrors,” the President noted.

“I have stated it many times but would like to reiterate once again: no maidans are going to happen in Belarus. We should preserve law and order in full as well as our country,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

The President remarked that in modern conditions there is a threat of nationalist and radical ideas and doctrines getting exported into Belarus. “In these conditions when real and potential threats to the national security of Belarus continue and get stronger, we should do our best to ensure our independence and our decent future,” the head of state said “With these goals in mind it is necessary to maintain at high levels the defense capability of the country, the protection of its territorial integrity, and the constitutional system. Power-wielding agencies are an important factor of national security, peace and calm in the country. This is why we pay close attention to the present state and development prospects of our entire power-wielding block,” he added.

Aleksandr Lukashenko added that despite the complicated economic conditions Belarus manages to equip the law enforcement agencies and the army with the latest defense products and military hardware in a timely manner in addition to staging regular combat exercises. A reliable system of territorial defense and the necessary reserves have been created in the country in case of conflicts and unforeseen situations.

“We have managed to accomplish the key goal — we have preserved the personnel nucleus of the entire power-wielding block as a whole,” stressed the Belarusian leader. “We also pay certain attention to the social security of our military. We should think about the concrete measures we should take to keep young officers working in law enforcement agencies, reduce personnel turnover while keeping the personnel nucleus.”

“Belarusian citizens have entrusted personnel of the law enforcement agencies and the military with protecting their lives and property, rights and freedoms. The trust has to be justified! In conditions of the unstable international situation we are proud of the fact that Belarus is one of the safest countries today. Law and order in the streets is your great accomplishment,” the President added.

“You have noticed that high-level representatives of western countries visit Belarus these days. There are different responses to that. I am upset by the fact that some say that Lukashenko wants to reap benefits in the run-up the election. It is not my intention. The main thing is that it benefits our state. Ukraine, Russia and the West are grateful to us,” the Belarusian leader said.

“They (representatives of western countries. – BelTA’s note) come to Belarus with a rather pragmatic purpose. And I support them in this. Now they have realized what the security in Europe should be; what role Belarus can play in this system in our common European home. Europeans understand it and are ready to cooperate with us in order to promote security in Europe. We tell them that we are open for it,” Aleksandr Lukashenko stated.

According to the President, Belarus is in favor of developing equal and mutually beneficial relations with various states. “We do not have any territorial claims, do not create any problems to our neighbors. We are a reliable partner in promoting security, good-neighborliness and cooperation. We fulfill our obligations and international agreements. We respect sovereign rights of all peoples and expect that other states will have the same attitude to Belarus,” the President said.

According to the President, economic weakness is turning the nation into a hostage of international financial organizations. It happens when the country’s budget resources cannot allow the state to operate effectively and fully discharge social responsibilities. “Therefore, economy revival is the top-priority task of the government and all the government agencies. More precisely, it is necessary to invigorate the production sector, literally a number of several gigantic enterprises of ours,” noted the head of state.

Speaking about the work of law enforcement agencies, the head of state said that Belarus had managed to achieve positive shifts in suppressing corruption, which is one of the most dangerous kinds of crime. “I cannot say we have resolved the problem. But you know how we are fighting corruption. Nobody will be given mercy,” stressed Aleksandr Lukashenko. The President reminded about Ukraine where corruption was the key reason behind the crisis and the country’s downfall.

“It is very complicated to overcome the hydra [of corruption], but we will always be able to keep it minimized,” said the Belarusian leader. He went on saying that efforts of law enforcement agencies had a lot to do with the accomplishment. There are a number of other considerations that testify to the stronger law and order. Elderly Belarusians, who are the least protected citizens of the country, are less and less reported as victims of crimes.

According to the President, the Interior Ministry plays a leading role in crime prevention. “However, measures taken to combat corruption and economic crimes are not always adequate to the situation. We have no yet put a solid shield against these crimes while implementing important investment projects, government modernization programs,” the President believes. Aleksandr Lukashenko is confident that the law enforcement bodies should take a more active part in addressing these issues.

The head of state emphasized that a number of external and domestic threats to the country’s national security have been contained on the initiative of the Interior Ministry. The President also stressed that many comprehensive and well-reasoned proposals of the Interior Ministry contributed to the country’s anti-drug efforts.

Aleksandr Lukashenko said that it is important to make prompt decisions in migration policy. “The events that are taking place in the neighboring country proved that it is essential to make prompt decisions in the migration policy. Our objectives are to prevent the penetration of armed insurgents and other criminals and to welcome those who come to Belarus with open hearts and good intentions,” the head of state emphasized.

According to the President, it is good that the measures taken by our government agencies helped promptly improve the system of helping people who suffered from the armed conflict in Ukraine.

According to the President, it is good that the measures taken by our government agencies helped promptly improve the system of helping people who suffered from the armed conflict in Ukraine.

However, he noted that it is inadmissible to relax and do nothing. “Self-complacency and inaction unavoidably worsen the performance of the agency and create new problems,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.