Visit to National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theater of Belarus

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It is necessary to put more effort into popularizing national accomplishments in various spheres, including in culture and art. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko made the statement as he visited the National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theater of Belarus on 6 March.

The head of state said: “On my way here I was thinking that mass media pay very little attention to these accomplishments.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko wondered about the theater’s work, about the quality and timeliness of the latest reconstruction. The President was told that there are no problems whatsoever — opera and ballet art develop in a most satisfactory manner.

The head of state took a close look at the exhibition of creative works by nominees for the state prize of the Republic of Belarus for accomplishments in literature, art, and architecture of the year 2016.

The head of state underlined the importance of choosing the best works in an objective and honest manner. He made a similar remark as he visited the national applied research center for organ and tissue transplantation at Minsk City Hospital No.9 on 28 February. This is why this time before signing the relevant presidential decree Aleksandr Lukashenko decided to personally get familiar with the nominated works.

The conversation between the President and representatives of the culture and art community proceeded in an exceedingly warm-hearted manner. Some improvisation could not be avoided. Upon request of the head of state Honored Artist of Belarus Alexander Kremko played the cymbalo to perform several national tunes, including those by Vladimir Mulyavin.

The writer Mikhail Pozdnyakov presented his books for children to Aleksandr Lukashenko’s attention. His favorite genres include poetry, fairy-tales, and rhymed puzzles.

The conversation about how important it is to popularize national art and cultural accomplishments continued as Aleksandr Lukashenko took a close look at the artistic endeavors of the movie director Anatoly Alai, who specializes in documentaries.

The head of state spoke his mind to criticize Belarusian moviemakers. In his opinion, the Belarusian movie industry has not managed to produce truly impressive and popular movies as of late.

Anatoly Alai said: “I am in favor of shooting films about our people, the kind of people, whose lives deserve to be part of a documentary. Then this film will be in demand everywhere. But only skilled professionals should make this kind of movies.”

In response Aleksandr Lukashenko suggested that the movie director should make documentaries about the people nominated for the year 2016 state prize. “But it has to be done fast lest people forget that eight collectives and artists have been nominated for the state prize,” he remarked.

Aleksandr Lukashenko’s conversation with another nominee — the composer Vladimir Kondrusevich — also touched upon movies. The President recalled visiting a film set several years ago where he encouraged creative young professionals to write a screenplay specifically to impress the head of state and make a movie afterwards. “They are still writing that screenplay…,” stated Aleksandr Lukashenko.

The President stressed: “I’d love our moviemakers to make something that will attract crowds and appeal to young Belarusians, too. I am not saying it has to be a film, a musical or an opera, it can be historical or modern. We need something captivating.”

After examining the exhibition Aleksandr Lukashenko watched a presentation concert featuring works nominated for the state prize.