Greetings to Belarusian police

  • 3:48

Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko has sent unconventional greetings to the Belarusian police that marked its 105th anniversary. A recorded congratulatory address of the head of state was shown at a concert at the Brest Hero Fortress Memorial Complex on 12 March.

“Dear active and retired employees of the police! You have dedicated yourself to a noble mission - to protect law and order, to maintain peace and calm of peaceful people,” the Belarusian leader said.

He noted that Belarusian land and values ​​had been put to the test more than once, but today Belarusians can feel safe as they walk along beautiful and neat streets, drive to work, spend time with children, go in for sports.

The President thanked everyone who was at ground zero of the national police and showed the example of selfless service to the law and people, who stood up to crime in the difficult post-revolutionary time and the years of the Great Patriotic War, who fulfilled their international duty in the 1980s and fearlessly fought against criminals in the 1990s.

“I thank everyone who courageously and professionally responded to a new challenge to national security,” Aleksandr Lukashenko continued. “Today, no matter what happens, each of you, from a private to a general, honestly and professionally does their job.”

“I am proud of every member of the police in every police department and their chiefs. I know that you are ready to protect civilians from any threat in any weather and under any conditions. You are brave and courageous people. And most importantly, you are worthy successors to our respected veterans,” the head of state stressed.

The President addressed parents, relatives and friends of all employees of the police: “Your support is a huge confidence boost for them, as it helps them overcome difficulties and achieve new career heights.

May mutual understanding and well-being always be with your families!”

Aleksandr Lukashenko addressed the entire personnel of the law enforcement with words of gratitude for their exceptional integrity and the highest level of responsibility. “Take care of your families, teach children to love the Motherland, worry less and sleep more, be happy and live in peace and harmony,” the Belarusian leader wished.