Video address to participants of 11th edition of Forum of Regions of Belarus and Russia

  • 6:07

The Forum of Regions of Belarus and Russia is one of the most successful and efficient projects of the Union State, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said in his video address to the participants of the 11th edition of the Forum of Regions of Belarus and Russia.

“The forum has become a unique dialogue platform, it has acquired its own signature style and continues to expand through  ambitious initiatives. A total of 588 agreements and over RUB450 billion worth of contracts have been signed thanks to this event. Significant successes have been achieved in aligning macroeconomic, industrial, agricultural, scientific, technological and educational policies,” said the Belarusian leader.

According to Aleksandr Lukashenko, building an innovative economy in the Union State is becoming an increasingly important issue on the agenda of the Forum, since in the modern world ensuring technological sovereignty and national security is impossible without developing and implementing innovative solutions.

Belarus and Russia have everything in place to do this. We have preserved the best scientific schools and have solid infrastructure. We are running a common industrial policy and building a common scientific and technological space. And most importantly, we have great human potential,” the President said.

He expressed confidence that the ideas of the ongoing Forum of Regions of Belarus and Russia will come to fruition: “We will reach a new level of the Union State integration, make progress in our technological and innovative development and implement our strategic priorities.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko wished the participants of the forum successful and fruitful work for the benefit of the peoples of Belarus and Russia.