State investment program for 2022 approved

    Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko has approved the state investment program for the year 2022. The head of state signed relevant decree No.18 on 26 January.

    Taking into account investment capabilities of the central state budget, the program provides for concentrating resources on the facilities and installations, which are to be commissioned in 2022, and on projects with a high construction completion percentage.

    As much as Br695 million will be appropriated to finance the construction of 157 objects the program specifies in 2022, including Br275 million for production sector projects, which are geared towards securing a positive economic effect. Plans have been made to commission 48 objects in 2022.

    In line with the program there are plans to begin financing the construction (reconstruction) of 18 objects in 2022, including a vaccine plant in the village of Dolzha, Vitebsk Oblast, sewage treatment facilities of Minsk Leather Production Association, and infrastructure of state border crossings.