Belkoopsoyuz general meeting

  • 22
  • 47:41

Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko took part in the general meeting of members of the Belarusian national union of consumer societies Belkoopsoyuz.

Speaking about the shortcomings in the work of consumer cooperatives, the head of state criticized not only the heads of Belkoopsoyuz organizations but also the local authorities. "Two years ago, we agreed on close cooperation with the authorities. Now I see that there is still  no full-fledged support. Chairmen of regional executive committees, Minsk city executive committees, district executive committees still do not see the development of Belkoopsoyuz among their primary tasks. They are indifferent to the problems of our consumer cooperatives. None of the five declared targets has been met.”

The head of state suggested that the local authorities set up a rigid vertical in Belkoopsoyuz and make some decisions and submit such proposals immediately. "The country started from the village. We all have our roots in the village. So why do we treat our parents this way? We will grow old. And we will be treated the same way," Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

"In 2021, I told you that local authorities should not only be aware of the problems in the industry, but run ahead and provide comprehensive assistance to positive initiatives and ideas, lead, guide and, if necessary, push! Yes, as unpopular as it sounds. We need the result," the president said. “It must be achieved by any means! If someone sees themselves outside of our union, no problem. Just make up your mind and do not interfere with the work of those who want to work."

The head of state continued: "There is no need for excuses that consumer cooperation is an independent economic entity or ‘you do not interfere with us’. If you do not want anyone interfere with you, good. But we will hold you responsible for the results. And do not go asking for money from the budget. Since when have trade (one of your main lines of business) and catering become unprofitable?!The work of Belkoopsoyuz is not only about economy. This is also a political matter.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed that Belarus is a state that prioritizes the well-being of ordinary workers, especially villagers. "Therefore, we have supported the rural communities in every possible way and will continue to support. The social role of consumer cooperatives is about the provision of services to rural communities. People make their own opinion of the entire vertical of power by the quality of your work. This people's opinion should be positive," the head of state said.

In this regard, the president addressed critical remarks to the chairmen of the district executive committees, who "seem to have forgotten that they are responsible for the district, for all local affairs, including consumer cooperatives." "No entrepreneurs will be able to replace them in rural communities," the Belarusian leader stressed.