Telephone conversation with UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres

    Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko and UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres had a telephone conversation on 3 June.

    The parties discussed the most pressing issues on the agenda, focusing on the export of grain from Ukraine. The head of state clearly outlined his position on this topic: Belarus is ready to ship Ukrainian grain to the Baltic ports through its territory. Belarus is also ready to provide all possible assistance for its transshipment by Belarusian railway and allocate the necessary capacities for this.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko proposed to the UN secretary general to settle the issue at the negotiating table with the participation of representatives of Belarus, Ukraine and the Baltic countries (that are ready to provide sea ports). The main thing, as it was indicated in the conversation, is that these ports (Germany, Poland, the Baltic countries, Russia) should be open to Belarusian goods. Having created conditions for the transit of Ukrainian grain, Belarus should be able to expect that these ports would be open to goods from Belarus.

    Antonio Guterres asked for a short pause of a few days to talk with the leadership of the countries concerned and determine the terms of supply of Ukrainian grain to international markets through the Republic of Belarus.