Meeting to discuss performance of Belarus' housing and utilities sector

  • 18
  • 12:19

Customer satisfaction is the main criterion to assess the effectiveness of the housing and utilities services, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said at a government meeting on 5 April to discuss the performance of the country's housing and utilities sector.

According to the president, the operation of the housing and utilities services remains one of the priority issues under his strong control.

“We regularly meet either in the office or on site to assess the state of affairs in the sector and find reserves for further development. I remind you that the main criterion to assess the effectiveness of our public utilities sector is the customer satisfaction. We all understand that housing and utilities services are the basis for the quality of life. Prices, utilities services, and housing construction are three fundamental issues that cause criticism and complaints from our people. If it is warm in people's apartments, good-quality water is available in the tap, and entrances and courtyards are clean, the assessment of your work will always be positive,” said Aleksandr Lukashenko.

The president added that the operation of the public utilities sector influences people's assessment of the authorities in general, first of all the local ones. “If you do not do a good job somewhere, there will be not just criticism, there will be serious dissatisfaction of our people. This dissatisfaction will be immediately used and hyped to blame the authorities at all the levels. You know that today it is not a problem to create a fake story and spread it online,” he said.