Session with senior officials of Belarus’ Council of Ministers

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Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko held a government session with the economic bloc of the country to discuss international cooperation, ways to raise the efficiency of Belarusian enterprises and other issues on 5 February.

“Today we are holding a traditional session with the economic bloc of our country, and the core of this bloc is the government. Since the issues which will be discussed at the meeting are regulated by the parliament, the State Control Committee, the Belarus President Administration, we have invited the heads of these agencies. We will discuss several draft laws which will have a direct impact on the business environment. They pertain to international cooperation, interaction with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, customs issues,” the head of state outlined the agenda of the meeting.

Apart from that, the government submitted proposals regarding the ways to raise the efficiency of certain enterprises. “I want to remind you that there should not be any indulgence. And please stop submitting proposals regarding the enterprises which failed to fulfill previous instructions. Directors of such enterprises (I remind you once again) should be punished, and only then we will consider proposals for the second and third time. Right now directors of such enterprises feel perfectly well. They failed to keep their promises, did not return money to the budget or investors, and now the budget is responsible for their debts. These practices should have been stopped long ago,” the Belarusian leader said.