Session to discuss political matters

    The Belarus government and the entire power vertical must unconditionally fulfill all the instructions of economic nature given by the president. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko set the task during the government conference held on 2 July to discuss political matters.

    The Belarusian leader said: “We often arrange government conferences chaired by the president to discuss economic problems. Indeed, economy is the most important matter for us, particularly in view of these acute political moments. But then there are a number of political matters concerning our national security, foreign policy, particularly changes of the foreign policy, the re-orientation of our export to countries of Africa, Eastern countries and other ones.”

    “This is why today I would like to discuss political matters, which are topical for us, which we should respond to, and which we don’t dare to miss. These matters originate not only in the foreign policy but also the domestic political situation in our country, the social political situation. From this angle I would like us to discuss all the existing problems to which we have to respond,” noted the head of state.

    The President was informed about results of Belarus’ participation in a number of international events, about the situation evolving around Belarus, about the country’s current approaches to a number of issues on the international agenda, about the state and prospects of relations with leading geopolitical powers and other partners of Belarus.

    Close attention was paid to the diversification of trade and economic relations. The President was extremely dissatisfied with the fact that Belarus’ trade is on the rise only with several countries. He called for harder work on other markets. The head of state said he believes it is necessary to demand more results from the officials responsible for the development of cooperation with specific countries and regions.

    The President was informed that after the parliament had approved the presidential election date the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs had sent invitations for international observers to monitor the election.

    The head of state was also informed about the situation in regions of Belarus, the state of affairs at individual enterprises, about the mood in labor collectives. The President urged to prevent lack of discipline and self-complacency in the regions and drew attention of the government and the entire power vertical to the need to fulfill all his instructions concerning economic matters.