Session to discuss development of Minsk

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Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko is concerned about the failure to fulfill the instructions regarding the development of Minsk. He made the statement at the corresponding meeting on 28 April.

“Instructions were many. I have already expressed concern about the failure to fulfill them. Of course, it is inadmissible. Moreover, these instructions are feasible,” the head of state said.

According to the President, the Minsk mayor has colossal opportunities to promptly fulfill the instructions of the head of state.

“There is a lot of work to be done in Minsk. Being a mayor of Minsk is a difficult job. The mayor is always in the limelight. Minsk should be vigorously developing. I will not allow any stagnation,” Aleksandr Lukashenko noted.

The President demanded to raise the responsibility of top executives at all levels.

“I am also worried about the possibility that the current head of the Minsk City Hall will not cope with the job. We should not hurry to dismiss people. There can be different life situations. But if a person does not cope with the job requirements within three or six months after the appointment, he must be replaced,” the head of state said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko asked about the state of affairs in the manufacturing sector of Minsk since it has an impact on the development of the manufacturing sector in the country, the implementation of investment projects. After Minsk holidays the President is going to visit MAZ, MTZ, Minsk Motor Plant.

“There are concerns about a number of facilities as certain investors failed to build them. There are such facilities in front of Minsk Arena in Lebyazhy District,” the head of state said.

The President also spoke about the construction of rhythmic gymnastics center. The head of state stressed that it is essential to spare funds meant for the construction of the center and demanded to prepare the most rational price-quality ratio for the construction of a multi-purpose and comfortable center.

Besides, Aleksandr Lukashenko touched upon such issues as the clean-up of the city before Victory Day. He emphasized that this job is to be done as soon as possible.